Those Bad Haircut Moments Of Our Sin Life

Sometimes I do the most random, impulsive things. Like make a hair appointment "on a whim" to cut my hair or totally change my style or color. Oiy.

I don't know about you, but those moments never seem to work out.

I will complain for months that I want to let my hair grow out. Then I lament for months at my decision. It's too long. I need to cut it. I want bangs. Dear hubby: thank you for putting up with me!

Over the years I've done this enough times to know one thing:

Never make a hair appointment on a whim.

I've made enough bad, impulsive and rash decisions related to my hair, that I've learned, or at least should have learned by now, that they're never a good idea. In fact, more times than not, they're the worst idea ever.

Been there, done that? And got the awful haircut to prove it? Join my club!

Oh my.

Sins alot like a bad haircut, you know. {tweet this}

Unfulfilled Dreams

Life is a bit funny, isn't it? I mean, one minute you are 5 years old. Dreaming of the day you will be a big Hollywood actress, or a ballerina. Or maybe some totally kick butt rock star. And if that doesn't work out, maybe a princess, space explorer, firefighter, race car driver, mountain climber or doctor.

And then the next day, out of the blue, it seems like you're OLD. You have responsibility. And lots of it. Bills to pay. A house to care for. A few gray hairs. A to do list a mile long. And what feels like (sometimes) no time for yourself. And gravity is no longer your friend.

I haven't made a dent in the list of my childhood dreams. Not even close. 

Love Your Valentine All Year Long

Last week millions of people rushed to buy flowers, stuffed animals, candy, cards and diamonds to remind their spouse of  their undying devotion.

I wonder how many of those millions are still feeling the love this week?

1 Corinthians 13:4-7 “Love is patient and kind; love does not envy or boast; it is not arrogant or rude. It does not insist on its own way; it is not irritable or resentful; it does not rejoice at wrongdoing, but rejoices with the truth. Love bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things."

How many of us live out these biblical truths in our marriage? They are hard to put into practice, but only through the grace of God can we learn to love like Jesus loved, even in marriage.

Only through the grace of God can we learn to love like Jesus loved, even in marriage. {tweet it}

Love is patient, with our spouses and the curveballs that life often throws at us. Love is kind, even when our spouses are cranky. Love is humble, even when we are the one that is "right" in an argument. Love is filled with honesty and Godly truth. Love is endearing, even when our spouses are not. Love endures all things, even the biggest stresses that life can throw at us. Love is filled with a hope that only comes from knowing Jesus Christ.

Let's face it, this love stuff is tough work. We are busy. We have responsibilities. Little and big people to care for. To do lists a mile long. Laundry and lots of it. And sometimes romance is the first thing to fly out the proverbial window in our marriage.

But in the middle of all the daily craziness, don't you want to feel loved by the one person on this earth that you vowed to go through life with? I sure do.

How do you show love to your spouse in the daily chaos of life?

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To Love Honor & Sneeze Together

I just celebrated 11 wonderful years of marriage to a really incredible man!

Truth be told, they haven't all been wonderful years, many have been difficult and long for both of us. But we got through them together. Some years with heartache and tears, other years with joy and smiles.

There were days, years maybe, for both of us, where it probably seemed like it would never get better. We resented each other at some point, I'm sure, for our lack of respect and love to each other. We were so busy with our own hurt hearts that we couldn't see through to the other person's pain and frustration. There were years for both of us where it was all about 'me me me.' Those, by the way, were the difficult years. That 'me, me, me' mentality didn't work when we were 2 year olds; it certainly doesn't work any better as adults, does it?

You are invited!

I'm speaking at a women's event in the Fox Cities this month. I would LOVE for you to join me on Saturday, February 21st!

The non-denominational women's event is FREE. There will be coffee, fruit and muffins. I think it'll be a really neat time of worship, prayer and testimony.

We all face trials, big and small, right? So let's get together and share how the Lord is using each of us!

No RSVP required, check out the event info below.

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Teach Me To Love

I hated Valentine's Day growing up. My parents had a horrible marriage and the whole idea of celebrating love with candy, roses and cards in a marriage that lacked kindness and basic human decency was a joke to me.

But back in 10th grade, I had a crush on this boy. He wasn't a very nice guy. But all the girls were mushy gushy for him because he was nice to look at. I'm sure your high school had one or two of those boys around.

That year our school held a Valentine fundraiser. We could buy roses and have them delivered anonymously to lockers. My silly, naive girlfriends convinced me that I should buy a rose for this guy. And put a handwritten poem in his locker to boot.

This boy got alot of roses that Valentine's Day. But only one love note.

Living With Purpose

There's typically a plan and a purpose to the daily chaos, right? We run around like a chicken with our head cut off most days of the week. Between errands, housework, cooking, work and other responsibilities, we're beat by week’s end! When the weekend rolls around, it's on to family commitments, church activities, social gatherings, etc. Sounds pretty familiar, right?

How often do we take time to sit down and talk to God with such purpose? Are we thanking Him for beautiful weather or a magnificent sunset? Do we pray for the cranky person we meet while running errands? (after asking for abundant patience not to reach out and whack them!) Do we appreciate those with a servant heart in our lives? Maybe a cheerful bank teller or caring school teacher?

Being intentional in our relationship with Christ will quench a thirsty soul! {tweet}

I'm not saying we must do lots of 'things' to be a better Christian. Certainly not. We can't earn our salvation, it's a gift. But I can tell you that I've benefited tremendously by being purposeful in my relationship with Christ. And I often wonder how God can possibly speak to us, when the world we live in is always vying for our attention? God is always's just a matter of whether we are listening.  

More Jesus. Less me. That's my desire for you and me this year!

Worship While You're Waiting

I'm not a patient person. And if we're being honest, you aren't either. Admit it.

Long lines at the grocery store? Hate 'em.
Long waits at the doctors office. So not a fan.

I've done a lot of waiting the past few years.

I've waited for biopsy results while laying alone in a sterile hospital room on a cold metal table. Results? Not good. But praise the Lord cancer was removed. He was with me.

More Jesus. Less Stuff!

More Jesus. That is my heart's desire for both YOU and me this New Year.
Holy buckets Batman, easier said than done, right?

My desire for this blog and my radio ministry, is to encourage your soul. To help women seek joy in everyday living; to enjoy our God given purpose in the multitude of roles we play on this Earth. And to receive the grace so abundantly given when we fail. Because oh, how we fail.

We mess up. Daily. And by the grace of God, He loves us anyway. {tweet it}

It's so easy to get sidetracked from purpose, isn't it? Life 'stuff' gets in the way.

Lighting Up The New Year!

Every year, when the calendar season starts fresh, I get super excited. It's like the slate is wiped clean and I have a fresh start. Then I ruin it by creating all these lists of things I want to do. Lose more weight, eat healthier, read my bible more, exercise more. Usually by this time, three weeks or so into the New Year, I've already failed at most of my resolutions.

It's exhausting wanting to be more and feeling like you are never enough. Can you relate at all?

What if this year we stopped wanting to do more, more, more? And just became satisfied filling ourselves up with more of Jesus? What if He was more than enough?

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