Embracing Grace

"Embracing Grace: Letting go of anxiety, doubt, fear and the desire to be perfect."
I joined a group of writer friends across the web, and we're writing for 31 days this October on the topic of our choice. Will you join me in this adventure and read along? 

  • How often do you look in the mirror and criticize your reflection?
  • How many times have you envied a fellow woman, mom, coworker or friend and desired the "enchanted" life they are leading?
  • How many times do you pass up a ministry opportunity, coffee date with a friend or new hobby that you've been dying to learn ...only to bang yourself up with guilt for not following through later?
  • Do you ever wish you had time to do X, Y or Z, but immediately find an excuse that holds you back from being all that God created you to be?

The struggle is real friends. And you are not alone. But here's the reality:
We find the time for the things that are most important to us.

So here I am, kicking off a 31 day series on "Embracing Grace: Letting go of anxiety, doubt, fear and the desire to be perfect."

I am certainly no expert, but it's what I've been living out in my life these past few years with Jesus and I can't wait to share some of my thoughts with you. Here's the crazy part, I have no set agenda for what I'll be writing about each day, I'm choosing to 'wing it' as I go through this journey. Which is kind of freaking this Type A girl out a little bit.

This is my landing page for the series, you can bookmark this page and check back daily for updates. The links will go live as they are published. I'll also be posting parts of the series up on Facebook, so you can come "like" my page to stay in touch that way too if you'd like.

 "Embracing Grace: Letting go of anxiety, doubt, fear and the desire to be perfect."

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The Queen of Cranky Pants

Ever have one of those days where you just want to smack the happy out of someone? What do you do when that someone is you? You aren’t equipped mentally to tackle the mountains of laundry, patient enough to run errands, or smiley enough for humans to venture near you.

That was me last week. In a BIG way. If they had been handing out the "Queen of Cranky Pants" award, I would have won it hands down.

God loves us just as we are, cranky pants and all. {tweet it}