The Queen of Cranky Pants

Ever have one of those days where you just want to smack the happy out of someone? What do you do when that someone is you? You aren’t equipped mentally to tackle the mountains of laundry, patient enough to run errands, or smiley enough for humans to venture near you.

That was me last week. In a BIG way. If they had been handing out the "Queen of Cranky Pants" award, I would have won it hands down.

God loves us just as we are, cranky pants and all. {tweet it}

Let Your Inner Beauty Shine!

I love vintage jewelry. It’s unique. Individual. There’s nothing else like it in the world. It's a lot like YOU! When God made you, He broke the mold. There’s no one else like you in the universe! Cherish that little nugget of wisdom today. Write it down if you have to.

Why do we gaze into the mirror each morning and pick ourselves apart? Why do we focus on the wrinkles, dark circles, frizzy hair and love handles, or the guilt from a misspoken word, our short tempers, the inability to get the monster to do list done each day, or keep the kitchen counter tops clean?

When we focus on all the "flaws" that the world sees, we rob ourselves of the special beauty that God designed just for us.

Aren't you tired of focusing on your shortcomings? I sure am. We need to focus on things that make us special! The beauty layered beneath the baggage of life. The beauty God sees in us through Jesus.

Totally whole. Perfect in Him. Free of shame, guilt, condemnation, fear and judgment. FREE to be who He designed us to be, flaws and all.

When God looks at us, He doesn't see our messy kitchens, short tempers or the dirty laundry piled high in the basement linen closet. He sees Jesus. So maybe it's time to cut ourselves a little slack?

We are made new and beautiful through Christ Jesus. {tweet it}

My Kitchen Theology Moment

Given the opportunity I could stress bake the pants off of Aunt Jemima.

Stress baking is a fine art. Not only do you need serious sugary supplies ready at the drop of a hat on a stressful day, but you need to have quality music or a good podcast handy, so when the you-know-what hits the fan, the Kitchen Aid comes out, the oven goes on and the ingredients come flying out of the cupboard.

Sidenote: I am amazed that I can cook, let alone bake. Growing up, my mom burnt everything. The house would smell like a small forest fire came barreling through the kitchen. Dinner every night was a guessing game. We had the fire department on speed dial and a pile of backup batteries for the smoke alarm. When I got married, I really wanted to prove that burning food is not part of my DNA. I really think I could stress bake the pants off of Aunt Jemima if a) she was a real person, b) actually wore pants and c) had celiac disease and needed to live in the kitchen like our family does.

Ahem, I digress.

As I was preparing to stress bake myself out of a crazy day last week, I noticed that I have a lot of kitchen utensils. Not like a little a lot. Like a lot a lot.

My kitchen is a little out of control these days. You wouldn't know it, just looking at it. On the surface, it's all clean and shiny.  But open a cupboard or drawer, and it's a serious mess.

When we moved into our home several years ago, I was overwhelmed by the amount of available cupboard space. Then I met my friends Williams Sonoma & Pottery Barn. They promised me an easy life, if only I brought home all their shiny gadgets and doohickeys. My cupboards are overflowing with useless junk like a cucumber peeler, crème Brule torch and ham bands, whatever they are!

How did my kitchen get to be such a nightmare?

Then I had an epiphany! My "kitchen theology moment," as I like to call it!

Sin is A LOT like an out of control kitchen. {tweet it}

Time For A Facebook Vacation!

I disabled my Facebook account. Egads, this girl has flipped her lid. It was time for me to put action to my words from last week and stop making "buttprints in the sands of time." I have to be honest, the first couple days were hard, but I really don't miss Facebook one bit!

You think I'm crazy, right?

That's ok. Maybe I am. But Facebook is a real time sucker for me. Five minutes here, five minutes there. It adds up to a good chunk of time each day. Five minutes easily becomes 20, 30, or 60 minutes.

Plus, I was getting caught up in other people's drama. I have enough drama in my own life, thank you very much. I really don't need extra from people I barely know. 

There are 86,400 seconds in each day. Choose wisely. {tweet it}

Say Goodbye To Your Buttprints!

You know, studies confirm that people rarely think about us and our words as much as we think they do. So, why then do we worry so much sometimes about what other people think?

Sometimes I get afraid. Paralyzed even. By what I think other people think of me. It's not like I have any spidey powers where I can read people's minds, so I fill in the blanks, with my worst doubts and anxieties. I project onto others what our enemy wants me to get stuck on. "They think I'm fill in the blank." Does that ever happen to you?

Do you ever feel so paralyzed with fear that instead of doing something. You simply do nothing.

I look at the above magnet on my fridge daily. It makes me laugh. But I realized that’s exactly what I’m doing. Making butt prints in the sands of time. Because my fear (and insecurity) hold my feet and my voice captive.

Be the special person God created you to be. {tweet it}

Help Me Fight Perfectionism

"Hi. My name is Nicki. I'm a recovering perfectionist."
Scratch that. Not quite right..."Hi. I'm Nicki. I'm a bit of a control freak."

I really wish there was a recovery group for people stuck in perfection mode.

But let's get real. No one has created one yet. *shocking, I know* Though if they do, I have the perfect name: "The Control Freaky Perfectionist's Club."

Even if there was such a group, I honestly wouldn't step foot through the door, cuz then I'd have to openly admit some days I am OUT OF CONTROL.

How Full Is Your Grace Tank?

After I published my last post, I was anxious that I would offend you. Or make you mad at me. And then I felt guilty. About being so judgy. And calling you out on your judgment issues too.

Which is silly, because if we are honest, we all judge. Even though we shouldn't. We are HUMAN afterall. But let's get this straight. I am super human, because I judge people. Alot.

I'm running on an empty grace tank today. Pray for me. {tweet it}

Stop Being So Judgmental

You know, I have yet to find a place in the Bible where God says we must only eat organic food and that all processed food is evil. I haven't found a scripture verse yet to confirm that leggings are evil, even when worn modestly with long shirts. If there is scripture to back up that vaccinations are the spawn of Satan and should be outlawed, and the parents who choose to use them thrown in jail, I haven't found it.

Seriously, what's the deal lately? I can't log into Facebook without someone telling me that my GMO grapefruit is going to cause me to sprout an eyeball in the back of my head. I am as worried about the quality of my food as the next person, but lately it seems like grace has flown straight out the window!

What happened to speaking truth in love to one another, especially within the Body of Christ? Even about things like grapefruit. Even if we don’t agree with everything someone says or does. Or  like what clothes they wear to church. Or support the missions and causes they believe in. Or agree with their stance on vaccinations. Or whether they, heaven forbid, choose to send their kids to public school. Or let their family eat processed foods.

Why do we have to be so condescending to people that hold different viewpoints? Whatever happened to grace? I'm guilty of this too friends, no one is perfect, it's human nature.

Stop being so judgmental.  Let God do His job. {tweet it}

Pray For A Marriage In Need

This marriage stuff is hard work! Not as easy as they make it seem on TV, right? I mean on TV, marriage is either perfect, or it ends when it gets too hard. Fade to commercial. You come back and everyone is happy. Neither depiction is remotely biblical, or realistic for that matter.

The bible is our blueprint for living out a Godly marriage. {tweet it}

When You Can't Sleep

Darkness falls. Your body is weary, but your mind races in circles like a poor mouse stuck in a maze. The hours tick away and your body aches for a rest that never comes.

Sleepless nights are tough.  I'm writing this post in the wee hours of the morning, where most people are fast asleep, with a deep desire to shove caffeine straight into my veins just to get through the day. *Help me Jesus*