How Full Is Your Grace Tank?

After I published my last post, I was anxious that I would offend you. Or make you mad at me. And then I felt guilty. About being so judgy. And calling you out on your judgment issues too.

Which is silly, because if we are honest, we all judge. Even though we shouldn't. We are HUMAN afterall. But let's get this straight. I am super human, because I judge people. Alot.

I'm running on an empty grace tank today. Pray for me. {tweet it}

Stop Being So Judgy!

You know, I have yet to find a place in the Bible where God says we must only eat organic food and that all processed food is evil. I haven't found a scripture verse yet to confirm that leggings are evil, even when worn modestly with long shirts. If there is scripture to back up that vaccinations are the spawn of Satan and should be outlawed, and the parents who choose to use them thrown in jail, I haven't found it.

Seriously, what's the deal lately? I can't log into Facebook without someone telling me that my GMO grapefruit is going to cause me to sprout an eyeball in the back of my head. I am as worried about the quality of my food as the next person, but lately it seems like grace has flown straight out the window!

What happened to speaking truth in love to one another, especially within the Body of Christ? Even about things like grapefruit. Even if we don’t agree with everything someone says or does. Or  like what clothes they wear to church. Or support the missions and causes they believe in. Or agree with their stance on vaccinations. Or whether they, heaven forbid, choose to send their kids to public school. Or let their family eat processed foods.

Why do we have to be so condescending to people that hold different viewpoints? Whatever happened to grace? I'm guilty of this too friends, no one is perfect, it's human nature.

Stop being so judgmental.  Let God do His job. {tweet it}

Pray For A Marriage In Need

This marriage stuff is hard work! Not as easy as they make it seem on TV, right? I mean on TV, marriage is either perfect, or it ends when it gets too hard. Fade to commercial. You come back and everyone is happy. Neither depiction is remotely biblical, or realistic for that matter.

The bible is our blueprint for living out a Godly marriage. {tweet it}

When You Can't Sleep

Darkness falls. Your body is weary, but your mind races in circles like a poor mouse stuck in a maze. The hours tick away and your body aches for a rest that never comes.

Sleepless nights are tough.  I'm writing this post in the wee hours of the morning, where most people are fast asleep, with a deep desire to shove caffeine straight into my veins just to get through the day. *Help me Jesus*

Love One Another

Have I told you about the one day I threw a wrench into an already messy family environment when I bid a fond farewell to the Catholic church and decided to continue following Jesus without a denomination?

This news was bigger than Watergate in my household. My dear mom swore she could hear our ancestors rolling over in their graves for my injustice! I tried to calm her nerves by affirming that I was not breaking up with God, or Jesus or the Holy Spirit for that matter. The Trinity was still cool; I just felt the Lord calling me in a different direction. But no matter how hard I tried, my explanations were never good enough. Being un-Catholic was just un-acceptable. It drove a huge wedge into an already messy relationship.

Extend more grace, less judgment to others today. {tweet it}

Grappling With Sovereignty

If you have been reading along these past few months, you know we have been dealing with the pain and despair that comes from infertility and miscarriage.

Thankfully, God is so faithful. I have been pouring myself into His word these days. Like obsessively, if you can actually become obsessive reading His word. And it's been such a cool thing!

When you let the fruits of the spirit root into your soul, amazing things begin to happen. {tweet this}

When the insanity of life comes flying right at your face, you have the patience and the skill to navigate the daily bombs and grenades like a mighty ninja in a Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon movie.

Those Bad Haircut Moments Of Our Sin Life

Sometimes I do the most random, impulsive things. Like make a hair appointment "on a whim" to cut my hair or totally change my style or color.

I don't know about you, but those moments never seem to work out.

I will complain for months that I want to let my hair grow out. Then I lament for months at my decision. It's too long. I need to cut it. I want bangs. Dear hubby: thank you for putting up with me!

Over the years I've done this enough times to know one thing:

Never make a hair appointment on a whim.

I've made enough bad, impulsive and rash decisions related to my hair, that I've learned, or at least should have learned by now, that they're never a good idea. In fact, more times than not, they're the worst idea ever.

Been there, done that? And got the awful haircut to prove it? Join my club!

Oh my.

Sins alot like a bad haircut, you know. {tweet this}

Unfulfilled Dreams

Life is a bit funny, isn't it? I mean, one minute you are 5 years old. Dreaming of the day you will be a big Hollywood actress, or a ballerina. Or maybe some totally kick butt rock star. And if that doesn't work out, maybe a princess, space explorer, firefighter, race car driver, mountain climber or doctor.

And then the next day, out of the blue, it seems like you're OLD. You have responsibility. And lots of it. Bills to pay. A house to care for. A few gray hairs. A to do list a mile long. And what feels like (sometimes) no time for yourself. And gravity is no longer your friend.

I haven't made a dent in the list of my childhood dreams. Not even close. 

Love Your Valentine All Year Long

Last week millions of people rushed to buy flowers, stuffed animals, candy, cards and diamonds to remind their spouse of  their undying devotion.

I wonder how many of those millions are still feeling the love this week?

1 Corinthians 13:4-7 “Love is patient and kind; love does not envy or boast; it is not arrogant or rude. It does not insist on its own way; it is not irritable or resentful; it does not rejoice at wrongdoing, but rejoices with the truth. Love bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things."

How many of us live out these biblical truths in our marriage? They are hard to put into practice, but only through the grace of God can we learn to love like Jesus loved, even in marriage.

Only through the grace of God can we learn to love like Jesus loved, even in marriage. {tweet it}

  • Love is patient, with our spouses and the curve balls that life often throws at us. 
  • Love is kind, even when our spouses are cranky. 
  • Love is humble, even when we are the one that is "right" in an argument. 
  • Love is filled with honesty and Godly truth. 
  • Love is endearing, even when our spouses are not. 
  • Love endures all things, even the biggest stresses that life can throw at us. 
  • Love is filled with a hope that only comes from knowing Jesus Christ.

To Love Honor & Sneeze Together

I just celebrated 11 wonderful years of marriage to a really incredible man!

Truth be told, they haven't all been wonderful years, many have been difficult and long for both of us. But we got through them together. Some years with heartache and tears, other years with joy and smiles.

There were days, years maybe, for both of us, where it probably seemed like it would never get better. We resented each other at some point, I'm sure, for our lack of respect and love to each other. We were so busy with our own hurt hearts that we couldn't see through to the other person's pain and frustration. There were years for both of us where it was all about 'me me me.' Those, by the way, were the difficult years. That 'me, me, me' mentality didn't work when we were 2 year olds; it certainly doesn't work any better as adults, does it?