Chronicles of the Kings

You know I have issues “relating” to a lot of the stories and heroes of the Old Testament. Not because I’m not “smart enough” to grasp everything going on. I am. But I don’t really like history. It bores me. So I’ve always thought of myself as a New Testament kind of gal. *Shhhh…I know there’s history in the New Testament too, but let’s not focus on that, k?*

Last year I had a very long conversation with a pastor from Green Bay *home of the Packers, holler* about the Old Testament. That’s really where my mind set starting changing. He said we can’t understand the present without understanding our history. This applies not only to our nation’s history or our family history, but to God’s kingdom as well. *Hello light bulb!*

Sure, you might be thinking, ‘uh Nicki, that’s obvious.’ Well, maybe to you my friend, but I was struggling through the book of Numbers during that period of time…so to me, it was a little “aha” moment.

Shortly after that great conversation,  I went home, picked up my Bible, started reading the book of Numbers again and quickly changed my mind. My ‘aha’ moment was gone. And I was thankful God doesn’t judge us on our high school math scores!

But the light bulb went off again this summer. I did a study by Priscilla Shire on “Jonah” and I finally felt there was an Old Testament character I could really relate to. I am so a Jonah. In fact, it literally scares the daylights out of me just how easily I could relate to Jonah.

But wait…we are here to talk about Kings! SOOOO let’s get back to it! *Don’t you love how women get so easily distracted? Drives my husband bonkers! Hee hee*

I’ve always thought of first and second Kings as a bit long winded. I mean, there is rich history in there, I know that. Tons of wonderful prophesy. It’s a pivotal point in Jewish history. And our Christian history too. But Kings didn’t really come alive to me until I started a fictional series by Lynn Austin. Wild right? I couldn’t believe fiction could get me so giddy about Kings! The intrigue, drama, prophesy and historical implications…so wild!

*Of course, don’t forget that you need to get the real storyin your bible, not from Lynn Austin! *

I didn’t know much about Lynn Austin. Just her name. But now, I am hooked. The first e-book "Gods & Kings" is free on Kindle and Nook and in case you are interested. The others you can get at your local library. Or check your church might be pleasantly surprised to find them there too. Check it out and tell me what you think!

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  1. So interesting I'm also not really into history and often am so bored with OT stories that I can't learn anything at all. Thanks for sharing this.

    I'd love for you to share this with my cozy book hop it's open for the rest of monday... but will open again on thursday if that works better for you.

    I hope to see you there



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