Coffee and PJs

You know those days when you just don’t want to get out of bed? It’s just so warm and toasty under the covers as you listen to the gentle rhythms of your hubby’s heart.

But then the inevitable happens. The blasted alarm clock goes off. Beep. Beep. Beep.

Sure, you can avoid reality for a bit, but the beep beep eventually comes back. So you turn off the alarm, get out of your warm comfy bed and welcome reality.

Reality schmality. 
Today, I am declaring it ‘Thankfulness Day!’

I got up a ½ hour earlier than usual, brewed a fresh pot of my fave blueberry coffee, ate a mouth watering gluten free scone (OK, who am I fooling…two) and sat in my PJs. Being thankful.

I wrote out my thankfulness day list.

A comfy bed 
Comfy PJs
Alarm clocks
Blueberry coffee and warm scones
Ears to hear the beating of my husband’s heart
My tender-hearted husband
God’s mercy and grace
Abundant grace that showers me every moment of the day
Beautiful sunshine
New days
New beginnings

Birds that greet me at the window sill each morning
Flowers that fill my eyes with brilliant pops of color
Brilliant sunshine and billowy clouds spotted at the window by our coffee pot
Coffee makers
People that pull the beans in the fields to make coffee
Cups to hold the coffee
Airplanes that fly the beans over to the factories that bag the beans
Ok, I'm getting off track. But you get the picture. 

My thankfulness cup is overflowing today.

It’s going to be a very good day. Because it's all about perspective. And a thankful heart, even in the midst of our storms.

Spend some quality time counting your blessings today.

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  1. Today I am thankful that my family lived through an armed robbery in their home in Roatan on Friday night! I still have them. Life is way to short not to appreciate God's blessings!! So thankful to Him that they were spared!

    1. Oh my goodness! I am thankful that they are okay too! Praying for your peace of mind today and praising the Lord for their safety!!!!!

  2. I needed this today! It's definitely a pj day here. My girls got up earlier than normal and I got to bed later than normal. *yawn* But today, I'm thankful for sunshine, for a hardworking husband, for my sweet girls playing in their room so I can still have my quiet time, and for His goodness that is new every morning! Blessings to you!
    So glad I found you through the Modest Mom blog hop. :)

    1. Those are all wonderful things to be thankful Jessica! I'm thankful for my hardworking husband too! May you bask in our Heavenly Fathers goodness and mercies today...and every day! Bless you sister. Have a good day!

  3. I'm thankful that even though my left side is now considerably weaker, I have survived yet another stroke like event that occurred one week ago today.

    1. Oh Roger, I am so sorry to hear you went through another big health issue...but so happy to hear that you are doing ok. Blessings to you and Cindy. I hope you are feeling better this week. You are such an incredible testimony to faithfulness.

  4. I'm thankful for the amazing things God is doing in my life. Sometimes you're in a season of waiting, and other times the things you are waiting for seem to happen pretty quickly. Right now, I'm in a season where things I've been praying for for many years are starting to happen, both for me and for others, and I'm overwhelmed with gratefulness. :)

    1. That's so cool to hear Jamie! Looking forward to reading about how God is working in this season of your life. He is so good...during those tough times and the good times...He is good ALWAYS! :)

  5. Today I am thankful for the 1st day of school...although and early start the house is a bit more peaceful with 2 less Kiddies.
    My coffee.
    This YumYumm mini strawberry cupcakes i found in the bakery section (umm I don't bake)
    My fuzzy warm couch blankie

    Just a few things... :D

    1. First day of school, a quite house, kiddos learning, coffee, strawberry cupcakes and a warm blanket....that's a nice list of things to be thankful for today! :) I decided every day this week I'm going to make a list of things I'm thankful for. Keeps things in perspective when life gets crazy!

  6. Today, I'm thankful for air conditioning in our 100 degree heat, for a four year old who sings at the top of her lungs, and for friends who dare me to love Jesus MORE. So glad I stopped by!

  7. I'm always so thankful for the encouragement and insights I glean from my fellow-bloggers like you, Nicki! I've read many that have really ministered to me today and yours is no exception. Gratefulness--choosing joy no matter the circumstances--is just another way I can grow closer to God and to others. Love the gentle nudge, my friend!

    1. Yes, God has really been nudging me to be more open in my obedience....not so easy, but if God calls, I better answer! Thanks for the kind encouragement lady. I really appreciate it! :)


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