To Love Honor & Sneeze Together

This week I'm celebrating 10 wonderful years of marriage to a really incredible man!

Truth be told, they haven't all been wonderful years, many have been difficult and long for both of us. But we got through them together. Some years with heartache and tears, other years with joy and smiles.

There were days, years maybe, for both of us, where it probably seemed like it would never get better. We resented each other at some point, I'm sure, for our lack of respect and love to each other. We were so busy with our own hurt hearts that we couldn't see through to the other person's pain and frustration. There were years for both of us where it was all about 'me me me.' Those, by the way, were the difficult years. That 'me, me, me' mentality didn't work when we were 2 year olds; it certainly doesn't work any better as adults, does it?

But we got thru those 'me me me' years and they've morphed into the "us (Him) us (Me) us (God)" times.

There are three of us in our marriage now. God. Me. Hubby. 

We both come from broken homes so we didn't have the best role models. But the one thing that has been at the center of our marriage is our commitment to God to be in this marriage for life. For better or for worse. For richer or for poorer. Till death. Yikes, who knew that would take so much work!

Marriage is hard work. So work hard for your marriage!

Think about it, we are all a bunch of less than perfect humans, sinning humans nonetheless, who one day decide to get hitched to another not so perfect sinning human.  It sounds like a recipe for disaster, doesn't it? But thank God literally that He's given us a road map of how to love each other through the bible.

To Love, Honor & Sneeze Together!
For the past week or so my hubby and I have both been sick. We've shared over a dozen Kleenex boxes. We've endured each other's snotty noses, sneezes, fevers, coughs and sleepless nights. We've prayed for each other, we've laughed, I've even cried (my head has hurt so much).

After 10 years of marriage there isn't another human being on the planet that I'd rather share my snot-filled moments with than my husband. 

This truly incredible man is a precious gift from the Lord that I hold dear to my heart each and every day. He is my best friend. He has been with me thru death, joy, sorrow, heartache, plenty of tears, car accidents, silly moments, crazy moments, sleepless nights, cancer and other health issues, bad cooking fiascos, female temper tantrums, family drama and pain. I am tearfully overjoyed at how lucky I am to have him. And how blessed I am to know him as a person.

It is such a privilege to be alongside him in this life. I get a front row seat to watch how God is growing him into such an incredible leader in our home, our church and our community. His passion for the Lord is contagious. His love for others overwhelming. I am truly blessed to know this man. And even more blessed that he choose me to be his wife.

I am not perfect. I never will be. I've stopped trying to strive for something that's impossible. I've also recognized that he's not perfect and our marriage is never going to be perfect either.

But we have been able to come together, two beautifully imperfect people, to love one another despite all our imperfections. We commit each day to try to love each other and to try our best to serve our Lord through our marriage. And I guess, that's all any of us can really do, isn't it? Just keep trying. And loving each other the best we can, snotty noses and all. 

Will you please take some time today to let your hubby know how much you love him? We get so busy and mad and crazy and tired sometimes, that we forget. So don't forget today, okay? Love on him with all you have.

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