Alive & Kicking!

Last week I relaunched my blog. Did you get a chance to check it out yet?

If you haven't noticed, the design, direction and tone of my website is entirely different. Actually, it has been for like a year or so. You could say I've been a little slow in updating you. Ahem. Procrastinate much? You bet! (If you're reading this via email subscription, pop over to my site and check it out.)

My blog is no longer called "A Joyfilled Life." Not that I don't have a life filled with joy. I sure do. Most days. But God's been showering me in so much grace during my little soul crisis, that last year I bought a new domain and have been waiting for just the right time to launch my new site.

Why the new name? Because at the heart of why I find so much joy in the 'fragrant muck' of life, as Frederick Buechner so eloquently puts it, is God's abundant grace.

knee deep in the fragrant muck of life.

The evolution of the name change began years ago when a dear family friend, who happens to be a very wise pastor and a professor of important theological things, once asked me what my 'secret' was for being so bubbly.

I've been pondering that question for over a year and recently gave him my "final" answer. One I'll share in more detail here at some point.

But for now can I just say I'm excited about this new direction in my online ministry? Like crazy excited!

God has been screaming at me to write more for years now. And I've been ignoring Him big-time. It's not a good thing to ignore your Creator, by the way. He often will do a lot of things to get your attention.

But that's also a story left for another day.

showered in grace

This week, I just wanted to touch base and tell you about a few important things.
  1. I am going to post regularly. Shocking, I know. My long term goal is to post a few times a week, but for now, I'll ease my way into it by posting once a week, every Monday.
  2. I have such a love/hate relationship with Facebook. If you haven't noticed, it's really hard to get page updates in your news feed anymore. So to make sure you don't miss a post, you will need to follow along with me by doing this crazy thing called “subscribe.” You’ll get posts delivered weekly to your email. (I won't spam the crap out of you, I promise.)
  3. I will eventually do some fun Facebook stuff. So, if you don't already like me on Facebook, you might want to consider doing that so we can become the bestest of friends, swap recipes and share each others crazy secrets. Um, kidding. But you can follow me on Facebook if you want. Click "like" on the sidebar, I made it easy for you! No pressure. (insert social pressure! j/k)
  4. I want to hear from you! It encourages my heart so deeply when I get wonderful emails and comments. Please consider leaving a comment on a post that you like, or just respond by email to the post you receive via email each week, ok?
  5. Speaking of leaving comments, I made it crazy easy for you to leave a message right here on my blog. I switched platforms and installed a fun commenting system. So if you are logged into Facebook, you can click on the comment section and leave a message that way, or you can post it anonymously, or even use an email account or other social media program. You will be notified of replies and it'll be a lot of crazy fun! Give it a try and see how you like it. (And if you need help figuring it out, let me know.)

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  1. I love your new design, Nicki! And I'm so glad you're "alive and kicking." I've missed you in the blogosphere and look forward to all the new stuff God is pouring through you to the rest of us! Hugs to you, dear friend!

  2. You are a sweetheart! Thanks for the encouragement and for all you do to encourage marriages. It has been a wild six months for sure. Thanks for praying. xoxo

  3. Your new site is beautiful. And I can see why the quote spoke to you - the man can truly write! May God bless you in this new direction as you seek to honor Him!

  4. Yeah, there is something beautiful about admitting life is messy...but that God still works thru and in our messes. Sharing your heart for "all" the world to see...makes me nervous. But being obedient to Him...that's what this life is all about, right? :) Thanks for blessing me with a visit. xoxo Nicki

  5. Hi Nicki, so glad you came over and left a comment because now I have found your blog :) I love your space here and will be "liking" you on facebook. My blogging has been going through a bit of a dry season but I dare not let go of it because I feel so blessed giving and receiving encouragement, I just KNOW its a God thing. I look forward to what you have next.
    God bless
    Tracy - My Daily Walk in His grace

  6. Tracy, it's those "dry" seasons where God can do some of His greatest work! Keep the faith! xoxo

  7. Tracy, it's those "dry" seasons where God can do some of His greatest work! Keep the faith. :) xoxo

  8. So glad you are back Nicki. You know Joy is my favorite word. May have to steal that old title from you. I love, love the quote from Frederick Buechner and never heard it, but will be using it in a blog sometime soon. Yes, yes we are showered every moment with grace no matter what we are going through. Thanks for an inspiring blog today. Love it.

  9. Its one of my fave quotes too Debbie. Glad to hear it inspires you too! :) JOY is such a happy word. And one God com,ands we live out. May you have a joy filled week. xoxo Nicki


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