Have Yourself A Messy Little Christmas

This year with our infertility story unfolding before us, the Christmas story has taken on a different layer of meaning than years before.

Our Savior was born to give hope and redemption to a broken world.

I've been thinking a lot lately about the brokenness that Elizabeth faced during her time on this Earth. I can't even imagine how isolating and painful it was for her to be growing old and suffering from a barren womb during a time where people were literally multiplying like fruit flies. The heartache. The pain. The isolation she must have felt from all her family and friends. And the shame. Oh, the horrible, cutting, deep shame.

I've been reading through the birth narrative and the beautiful redemption story that unfolds in Matthew and Luke these past few weeks, and I just keep thinking about how messy the events leading up to the first Christmas really were.

The doubt that Zachariah faced when he was told that his old wife was going to birth a great leader in Christ's kingdom. The hope and trepidation that Mary must have felt knowing she was single and about to be wed but was sidetracked into a totally amazing heavenly storyline...being the mother of our wonderful Redeemer. I mean, think about it...our redeemer was born in a stable. With earthly parents on the run to ensure His safety. In a stable...a messy stable, with animals and straw and the other things that you find littered throughout a stable. Maybe pitchforks, dirty water troughs, and even pigs. It was definitely not like the Four Seasons that Christmas.

Our Savior was born to give hope and redemption to a broken world. 

The early account of Christmas was pretty messy, wasn't it?

This year, that mess really gives me hope.

As we draw closer to Christmas, as well as the end of another year, I have been reflecting on all the craziness that we call life. Our family has faced more trials and sorrows than one couple should have to endure in a lifetime, let alone a year if you ask me. But no one ever said life would be easy, or perfect, did they? And even in the midst of so much sorrow, there has been so much joy and deep friendships made along the way.

How has your year been? Chances are, you've faced many joys, as well as trials and sorrows this year too. And if I had to guess, you are bringing many trials and heartaches into your Christmas celebration.

Go back and read the events leading up to the first Christmas that unfold in the Gospel of Matthew and Luke. See the story for what it really is. A huge mess that God used for a beautiful eternal purpose. A mess that weaved into it great redemption. The ultimate redemption. The birth of a Savior that died a horrible, bloody, messy death to save you and me.

This Christmas season, take your burdens and your cares and your worries and all your family relationship drama, and sadness to Jesus. Let Him heal you from that brokenness. And know that God will take all the broken messes of this earthly life and weave them into something beautiful. Just like the messy story that unfolds during the first Christmas.

Have yourself a messy little Christmas. 
May God heal your hurts this season.

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  1. Hi Lisha. I am sorry that you have also had a hard year. The good news is its comforting to know we don't walk thru this life alone. The great news is that we are a week away from a fresh start! :) I pray that God will shower you in His grace in 2015. xoxo

  2. Oh Nicki, thank you for being open about your struggles. This has been a sucky year for me and I am looking forward for the end and hopes of a new beginning in 2015. Thank you for the perspective. I really appreciate it especially since Christmas is such a love hate time for me. When I was 21 my father committed suicide 2 days after Christmas and I had just become a Christian and Christmas meant a whole different thing to me and then this happened. Ever since I have loved and hated Christmas and the memories it brings back each year. Anyway, that was probably more chatter than you asked for but I do thank you for the perspective and openness.

  3. Shelly, I am sorry that the season brings such heartache and memories for you. There is so much comfort in simply knowing we aren't alone in these struggles. There is so much joy in celebrating the birth of our Savior, but it can be mixed in with so much pain and stress and sadness for so many. I will say a special prayer for you to find some wonderful joy filled moments during this season. May we both cast our burdens at the foot of the cross and celebrate the beautiful news of Jesus this Christmas. XOXO

  4. Beautiful words that point to God in the mess of our lives. I love the knowing that it is okay to have a messy Christmas because we are full of hurts and disappointments but through it all God will take the messy and make it beautiful. Merry Christmas and blessed to be visiting you from Holly's place.

  5. This is so real. Thank you for reminding us that the event of the birth and death of Jesus were very messy. So many times people gloss over it without really thinking about the messiness, but messiness is a part of life. I'm so glad He chose to come as humbly as He did to redeem a broken people. I'm sorry you've had so many struggles. May God bless you and keep you through it all. I'm stopping by from Lisha's place. I'm just a little late.

  6. Merry Christmas to you Mary! Blessings for a joyfilled holiday season, messes and all! :)

  7. Thanks Gayl, it has been quite a journey for us the past few years, but God is so faithful and good. May you be reminded of His faithfulness amidst your own messes! Blessings to you :)

  8. I've had my fair share of ups and down this year. I am believing God for restored joy and the realization of lost dreams in 2015!

  9. Praying that God will give you a 2015 far beyond what you can imagine, sweet Barbie. May it be filled richly with hidden blessings! :)


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