God's Everlasting Love

You've faced many joys and sorrows this year, haven't you? Me too friend,.

Find blessings in the silver linings of your trials.

We are just a few days away from closing the book on another year.

I want to encourage you this week to join me and take some time to gain a heavenly perspective on this earthly life. And worship a Redeemer who provides sweet blessings during our trials and joys.

The joys are so easy to list when life is going smoothly, aren't they?

For me they include deeper friendships, a more intimate and Godly marriage, renewed ministry purpose in writing and speaking, more intentional time worshiping God during the broken moments and trying to find the silver linings in the messes of life.

But what about finding joys amidst all the trials and the muck? The sorrows and the tears? It's a lot harder to do, isn't it?

I know the trials we face in this life are nothing like the trials faced during Biblical times, nor are they anything like what our persecuted brothers and sisters in other countries face. But guess what? They are ours to endure.

Our great and mighty God cares about our sorrows, both big and small. He blesses us during those difficult moments, sometimes more abundantly than we could ever imagine.

Hard to wrap your mind around, sometimes, isn't it?

I am reflecting on the words of Paul in Romans 8: 35-39 as the year draws to a close. And I'm reminded of how immeasurable God's love is for us, no matter how devastating or difficult the trials that stand before us. And Paul reminds us how it is expected that a faithful believer will face hardships.

Oh these trials that we face, may they bring us closer to our blessed Redeemer.

God's everlasting love.

With all the commentaries I have poured through on the beautiful promises of God's everlasting love, nothing captivates my heart as much as Matthew Henry's words:  

"We have such a Friend at the right hand of God; all power is given to him. He is there, making intercession. Believer! does your soul say within you, Oh that he were mine! and oh that I were his; that I could please him and live to him! Then do not toss your spirit and perplex your thoughts in fruitless, endless doubtings, but as you are convinced of ungodliness, believe on Him who justifies the ungodly." {Source: Matthew Henry's Concise Commentary}

You are in the midst of a trial right now friend. I know it. Why? Because this life isn't perfect. And neither are the people in it.

So today, I am wholeheartedly praying that the trials you are facing, and any doubts you might have, will draw you nearer to Him.

Don't run from your trials, instead run straight to Jesus with them. Lay them down at the foot of the cross. And find the blessing in the silver linings of your pain.

Take some time today to count the blessings found in the silver linings of your trials.

And worship The One who loves you, always.

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  1. What great words to remind ourselves of as the year closes: God's love knows no limits! I love the truths in Romans 8. Have a blessed year ahead!

  2. No limits indeed. Praying that God blesses you richly in the year ahead!

  3. Your slogo 'Less Facebook, More of His Book' just came to my mind ... better yet, the Holy Spirit brought it into my thoughts. I searched the internet for this slogo and I found your blog - Showered in Grace. I needed some encouragement for the coming New Year, and I believe your site is a blessed start. I look forward to what the New Year brings. I praise God for your site!

  4. Thanks, Nicki - good word!

  5. Nicki, I love reading your posts... they are just so wonderful and honest! I will make it first priority to run into the arms of Jesus with every joy and every sorrow, despite the temptation to gloss over how amazing the Lord is! Wonderful post my wonderful friend :) May 2015 be a time of more encouraging words penned by you! :)

  6. Great post! I love your outlook on finding joy in all things. Its a message that never gets old. We need those reminders, especially in the muck. Good luck to you as you deliver this great message in February. P.S. Matthew Henry's words often grab my attention. His is the first commentary I go to!

  7. This is beautiful. Our loads get so lighter when cast our cares on Him.

  8. Don't run from trials-run straight to Jesus-Amen! Counting our blessings takes the focus off of our trials and requires us to look straight at the heart of Jesus and all He has done for us. Beautiful thoughts! Happy New Year!

  9. Nicki, this is a needed post. You are right: everyone is going through a trial. Thank you for your words and your heart poured in to this post. I am so glad you are speaking on it too! Much love! Ra! Ra!

  10. You are such a sweet heart Ruth. I love your passion and zeal for the Lord and willingness to encourage others. Praying that 2015 is a wonderful year for you and that it brings forth lots of fruit, not only in your writing and your zeal for the Lord, but I pray that your long period of waiting will be over, and you will find gainful employment. Don't give up. God has amazing things in store for you young one! :)

  11. Bless your heart sweet Deanna! Thank you for the kind words. Yes, it is fun when you find God right there, knee deep in the fragrant muck of your life, isn't it? Frederick Buechner said it best: “For what we need to know, of course, is not just that God exists, not
    just that beyond the steely brightness of the stars there is a cosmic
    intelligence of some kind that keeps the whole show going, but that
    there is a God right here in the thick of our day-by-day lives who may
    not be writing messages about himself in the stars but in one way or
    another is trying to get messages through our blindness as we move
    around down here knee-deep in the fragrant muck and misery and marvel of
    the world. It is not objective proof of God's existence that we want
    but the experience of God's presence. That is the miracle we are really
    after, and that is also, I think, the miracle that we really get."

  12. Amen to that sweet sister in Christ! Blessings to you!

  13. Happy New Year Mary! May your 2015 be filled with beautiful words that continue to encourage others in their own walks with Christ. xoxo

  14. Ra ra sis boom ba, right back at you! :) I'm so glad you found me on this big wide world of the internet. Looking forward to getting to know you better Kelly! :)

  15. Thanks Gina. Blessings to you!

  16. Thanks for linking - yes, both joy and sorrow, so deeply connected.

  17. Oh Brenda, you are not alone in this struggle. :) I am so glad you stumbled onto my little spot on the web and even more joyful that God allowed my words to encourage. Blessings to you and best wishes for a beautiful New Year!

  18. This has been true of my year too— joy and trials blended together. Stopping by from Coffee for Your Heart linkup.:)

  19. I too, have ended a year of many trials...and I know they won't just go away in 2015. But i trust that God hears our prayers and answers them in His loving way and timing. As we run to Him, may we find joy and peace in our hearts!! Thanks for sharing!!
    Blessings, Ann @ Christ in the Clouds

  20. Absolutely beautiful truth here Nicki. I've thrown so many ridiculous tantrums in the midst of life challenges. It is much better leaning into His grace and trusting His heart. I'm a work in progress, but so thankful He patiently taught me to trust Him especially when life is hard. Blessing and hugs!

  21. Whenever I look back at trials, I realize it was really God pulling me closer to Him. He always wants us to learn and grow and deepen our relationship with Him!

  22. Agreed. Thanks for the visit Kelly.

  23. I am sorry you have had a tough year too Katie. May your 2015 be a year filled with Sweet blessings xoxo

  24. Agreed Ann! Don't you find that the trials you faced this past year allowed you to cling more tightly to Him? I sure hope so! Praying you continue to cling to Him during the good times and the bad in this coming year! Praying for a year filled with more joy than sorrow. Hugs to you! xoxo

  25. Agreed Sarah! It is such a joy to cling tightly to Him. And I love how the Lord gives us perspective when we look back and reflect too. Blessings to you!

  26. Hugs to you too sweet friend! It has been a joy to get to know you and I am so looking forward to our writing journey in this year ahead. Big hugs to you! :)


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