More Jesus. Less Stuff!

More Jesus. That is my heart's desire for both YOU and me this New Year.
Holy buckets Batman, easier said than done, right?

We mess up daily, but by the grace of God, He loves us anyway.

My desire is to encourage your soul. To help women seek joy in everyday living; to enjoy our God-given purpose in the multitude of roles we play on this Earth. And to receive the grace so abundantly given when we fail. Because oh, how we fail.

We mess up. Daily. And by the grace of God, He loves us anyway. 

It's so easy to get sidetracked from purpose. Life 'stuff' gets in the way.

When we get sidetracked from the purpose of living, there's only one way to get back on track. Dive deeply into God's word!

I started a full year bible reading plan with Olive Tree Ministries this year. Just 12 days into it, I'm already on day 70 of the plan!

When I want to watch TV, I read scripture.
When I want to shop, I read scripture (unless it's groceries or toilet paper!)
When I have a free moment, I read scripture.
When I have a bad day, I read scripture.
When I wake up, I read scripture.
When I get ready for bed, I pray.

This year, I'm not reading scripture to dissect every word and go along the rabbit trail that our library of commentaries normally leads me.

When's the last time you read scripture for the pure joy of spending time with the Lord and unlocking the beautiful promises He has in store for you?

I just can't get enough of God's word.

As I read through Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers and Deuteronomy, I'm already reminded that our God is a God of order, not chaos. He is a God of intention, not randomness. God does not let anything happen outside of His sovereign will. We're created to follow Him and to love Him. We must rely on God 100% during the storms of this life. And He loves us. Oh how he loves us.

In fact, God loves us so much, that my heart is about ready to explode just thinking about it!

We were created to love. To show love. And to be loved. Even when, and especially when, we don't feel like loving. I don't know about you, but that's a God-given challenge that will last me a lifetime.

I know God will lead me out of my own infertile Exodus this year and into the beautiful world of just being who He created me to be. I feel so filled up, that the worry and the anxiety that goes along with not being 'woman enough' to birth a child is quickly fading.

The shame that comes from receiving an F in the life class of 'be fruitful and multiply' no longer defines who I am.

When we put our #1 focus on the Lord in everything we do, God will use us. For His glory. For His purposes. On His timeline. In ways more glorious than we could ever imagine.

Trust in that today.

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  1. I love your title "More Jesus, less all that other stuff." It's the third post in just a few minutes that has focused on that so I'm getting the message, God! :) Loving even when we don't feel like it is the ultimate exercise in tapping into God's strength, not our own. Thanks for the encouragement today, Nicki, to stay in the true Word.

  2. Wow, I keep bumping into you, Nicki! You posted after me on Good Morning Monday, and your title caught my eye. I didn't realize it was you until I got here! You know I'm all about JOY this year so you had me from the get-go with this post. I was shouting "amen" by the time I was done reading! There's so much grace that comes just by being in God's word. It's one way He speaks to our hearts! Thanks for sharing. I always enjoy what you write.

  3. Too funny, Lisa, I shortened it to just "stuff" after I posted it. :) But yes, whether it's all that other stuff or just stuff, we need less of it and way more of HIM! I am so overjoyed to hear that God allowed me to be used in a small way to send you a big message today. Blessings to you! May we both stay in His word and have more of HIM this year! xoxo :)

  4. Oh yes, Jenni, so much grace. Oodles and tons. It is such an amazing thing when we can come before the throne of our King and just let Him shower us with His grace, new mercies every morning and lots and lots of love. Blessings to you!

  5. You ARE fruitful, girlfriend! If there's one thing God has shown me throughout the years (we won't go into how many, mind you!) is that He is a God who turns my wants upside down. By that I mean, He brings redemption into an area of my life that I overlooked or even thought was "quite fine, thank you!" But it becomes magnificent in the Lord's hands . . . and so will your fertile ministry here and your fertile influence in the hearts of countless women who ache just like you with empty arms. So I continue to lift you up knowing God is about to pour His bounty of blessings into your lap, sweet Nicki! Hugs

  6. I loved her title too, Lisa! Spot on for what we all need "more" of! ;)

  7. Hi Nicki~While Jenni below came before you at Good Morning Monday, I came after you. I like your list of reading Scripture in every inbetween moment. Your quote, "When's the last time you read scripture
    for the pure joy of spending time with the Lord and unlocking the
    beautiful promises He has in store for you?" hit me as we have been touching on man's chief purpose is to glorify God and ENJOY HIM.
    Normally, I don't mention my posts in a comment but I think what I wrote for today will touch you at the season of life you are in. Hope you stop by.

  8. Love this! You have a beautiful heart. I love your closing paragraph: "When we put our #1 focus on the Lord in everything we do, God will use us. For His glory. For His purposes. On His timeline. In ways more glorious than we could ever imagine." Amen.

  9. Your words of encouragement are always a sweet comfort to this soul lady. Thank you for the prayers and the encouragement. He uses all of us in so many bountiful ways, it really is incredible, isn't it? To think of how we can be so fruitful in this life, to so many people, and in more ways than any of us can possibly imagine. I love our God. He is so mighty. And knows so much more than this girl ever could, about what is "perfect" for my journey. May we continue to walk in His presence and follow His leading in our messy lives! Glory be to the King! xoxo

  10. Awww, thanks for the kindness Heather. It is Him who lives within me that is filled with the beauty. I pray that you can be used for His glory in more ways than your heart can possibly imagine this coming year. Blessings to you!

  11. I'm finding that joy in the Scripture. I've read my Bible, I've learnt it. But for a long time, I didn't do it joyfully but as a task. Now it's joy pouring down on me from heaven and it's amazing. Our God is amazing!

  12. That encourages my heart so Joanna! I am so happy to hear that you are being filled up with HIM! A joy pouring down on me from heaven, I love that image! Beautifully said!

  13. What an awesome challenge to be in the Word that much. I want it to be my delight again as I have been putting it on the back burner. Praying for a hunger for His Truth again.

  14. Katie, it has been fun to be in God's word this hungrily. I don't know how long it will last like this, but I'm enjoying every minute of it! :) Praying you can dig into His word and bring it up to the front burner of life, even if it's just for a short time. God longs for us to desire Him so!

  15. Oh Nicki, you're just overflowing with the love of Jesus ... and it's contageous, girl! Reading plans so often have left me in the dust ... to hear you're on day 70 is just fabulous!

    You've encouraged my soul ... what a way for me to start the day ...


  16. This girl may be overflowing with Jesus, but she's also overflowing with insecurity, doubt, worry and all the other things that everyone else deals with in this crazy life. But it's amazing how when we fill ourselves up with more of HIM, that stuff just starts fading into the background! Blessings to you and happy reading Linda! :)

  17. Hi Nicki, I found your site via #RaRaLinkup :)

    "The shame that comes from receiving an F in the life class of 'be fruitful and multiply' no longer defines who I am."

    This quote REALLY spoke to me. I'm blessed by your words of wisdom and encouragement. I am inspired to get into the scripture and read MORE (not that I need to spin another "works plate," but because I desire to know Christ more deeply). Thank you for obeying God's call to write! Have a blessed day.

  18. Nicki, you are such a blessing! Every time I read one of your posts I am like 'Wow. I wish I could invite her for coffee and some bible time!' Your truth-filled words warm my heart and bless me immeasurably. I pray that I can keep my eyes on God as #1 and not put my job (or lack of it) in a greater position. You inspire me and I am encouraged by you always :) xoxox

  19. When we put our #1 focus on the Lord in everything we do, God will use us. For His glory. For His purposes. On His timeline. In ways more glorious than we could ever imagine.

    This is beautifully said. I love it. You brought it all back to what we should be doing - focusing on God's word, and storing it in our hearts. Thank you!
    I found you on #raralinkup

  20. Oh I would so take you up on that coffee and bible time sweet Ruth! You are such a sweet encouragement. Hang tight, God has you in the palm of His hand and your job situation will work itself out. Easier said than done, I know that, I've been there. But you are such a sweet young woman, let God use you right where you are NOW and the rest will work itself out! :)

  21. Nicki, this is such an inspiring post. You've really pushed me to reach for more with your words. I started a read the Bible in a year plan too, and after falling behind I became discouraged and gave up. However, you've inspired me to pick back up and keep going! Yes, we do all mess up. Thank you, Jesus, for loving us anyway. So glad you joined us at #RaRaLinkup.

  22. Oh YES YES YES, we mess up all the stinkin' time girl. But He loves us abundantly! Pick up that bible and get reading! Spend more time with Jesus! Amen to that. #rara :)

  23. I am so glad you were encouraged but so sad to know that particular quote spoke to your heart too. Big hugs! xoxo

  24. Thank you, Nicki! And it has been a huge gift for me, something I really want to share with others too.

  25. I pray that God will give you ample opportunities to share your love for scripture with others!

  26. I have started making reading my Bible daily a priority. It is amazing the things that are revealed to us when we do! Passages we have read and heard so many times suddenly jump out at us. What a blessing so many of us don't really see!

  27. Thank you, Nicki! And blessings to your blog and work also!

  28. I started reading through the bible this year too and it is wonderful and full of revelations. Thanks for sharing this at Good Morning Mondays. Blessings

  29. I am so glad you are reading through the Bible Terri. May you continue to enjoy the richness of His word!


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