My Kitchen Theology Moment

Given the opportunity, I could stress bake the pants off of Aunt Jemima.

sin is a lot like an out of control kitchen.

Stress baking is a fine art. Not only do you need serious sugary supplies ready at the drop of a hat on a stressful day, but you need to have quality music or a good podcast handy, so when the you-know-what hits the fan, the Kitchen Aid comes out, the oven goes on and the ingredients come flying out of the cupboard.

Sidenote: I am amazed that I can cook, let alone bake. Growing up, my mom burnt everything. The house would smell like a small forest fire came barreling through the kitchen. Dinner every night was a guessing game. We had the fire department on speed dial and a pile of backup batteries for the smoke alarm. When I got married, I really wanted to prove that burning food is not part of my DNA. I really think I could stress bake the pants off of Aunt Jemima if a) she was a real person, b) actually wore pants and c) had celiac disease and needed to live in the kitchen like our family does.

Ahem, I digress.

As I was preparing to stress bake myself out of a crazy day last week, I noticed that I have a lot of kitchen utensils. Not like a little a lot. Like a lot a lot.

My kitchen is a little out of control these days. You wouldn't know it, just looking at it. On the surface, it's all clean and shiny.  But open a cupboard or drawer, and it's a serious mess.

When we moved into our home several years ago, I was overwhelmed by the amount of available cupboard space. Then I met my friends Williams-Sonoma & Pottery Barn. They promised me an easy life, if only I brought home all their shiny gadgets and doohickeys. My cupboards are overflowing with useless junk like a cucumber peeler, crème Brule torch and ham bands, whatever they are!

How did my kitchen get to be such a nightmare?

Then I had an epiphany! My "kitchen theology moment," as I like to call it!

Sin is A LOT like an out of control kitchen.

The stronger we grow in our personal relationship with Christ; the more aware we become of our shortcomings.

Let's face it, we aren't perfect. We are sinners. In desperate need of a Savior. Those imperfections will always be there. But if we leave them unchecked, before you know it, we're in big trouble. That little issue or character flaw can easily become a big, cluttered nightmare. And before you know it, our sin is out of control.

Thankfully Jesus loves us, messy cupboards and all. But this week, it's time to take control of my kitchen and let the Holy Spirit get in there and work on the spiritual decluttering. Join me?

“Moses saw that the people were running wild and that Aaron had let them get out of control and so become a laughingstock to their enemies.” Exodus 32:25

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  1. Melanie Dwyer9:26 PM

    This post made me laugh. So glad I found your blog. My kitchen is a bit out of control too and I often have those lovely theology moments baking pie! ;)

  2. laughing here too:) My spatula always seems to get tangled up with the whisk in my drawer. I told my husband I should just give up cooking all together and that's one battle that would be gone. He said "nah".

    It's so nice though, that we can give up our sins to God and be done with those battles. Thank you Father!

    SO glad you came by my place so I could find you. It's nice to "meet" you!:)

  3. Hi Nicki, thanx for following me and leaving the great comment, I am following you back. So that pretty much means will be going in circles forever I think! Lol!

  4. Nickie,

    You and I think a lot alike, seeing spiritual truths in the every day things of life. I find compartments are nice both for kitchen drawers, and for sin. Or for dealing with sin. When God puts his finger on one area, I need to pay attention to it. I can't hide it in the mix with all the other sinful things I want to hide, but I need to declare it for what it is (a spatula!) and deal with it.

    Thanks for connecting with me! blessings to you!

  5. I'm so happy we could all connect ladies. Blessings to you!

  6. Hi Nicki! I found your blog from the incourage community...

    I love those "theology" life moments we have, just walking along doing our everyday life tasks and there it is... a pearl, a beautiful lesson from God.

    I am following you on twitter now... follow back and keep in touch!
    Blessings -



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