Bask In The Beauty of Grace

I hope that by the time we finish this embracing grace series together you will take time to bask in all your insecurities and unworthiness for the (hopefully) very last time before you move forward and truly accept the beauty of God's grace in our crazy messed up world.

Make Jesus a priority today!

Today I want to encourage you to catch up on my "Embracing Grace" series if you've fallen behind. And take a little time to work on your daily grace challenges. The goal is to help you find the freedom in Christ that we so often struggle with.

Most days, it's like we wake up and say "hey Jesus, this is the day you made, let us rejoice and be glad in it," and then as soon as all H E double hockey sticks breaks loose, grace flies right out the window, and so does precious time in His Word.

It's a struggle to spend more time with Jesus. 

I'm not sure why time with the Lord is such a struggle for many of us, but it is. We can intellectually and emotionally recognize that spending time in the Word is good for our souls, but we still don't do it as much as we could or even should.

The reality for many of us is that time with the Lord is often the first thing that is dismissed when our schedules get overloaded. Because we have real, tangible big and littles to care for, jobs to do, responsibilities to take care of, and food and chores to accomplish. And let's face it, the food won't cook itself (I wish) and the laundry won't get washed on its own (wouldn't that be scary, but cool, if it did? self-washing laundry, remember I thought of it first!)

Maybe the solution is to clear our schedules?

That sounds good, in theory. But in practice isn't always so realistic. Everyone is so busy rushing everywhere. There is such a sense of urgency and pressure to perform for people, and really we should just want to perform for A Heavenly Party of One, know what I'm saying?

Time with Jesus should honestly be at the top of our to-do list each day, even if realistically it's the last thing we finish our day with. But how often does it get crossed off or missed because we are just trying to navigate through our daily chaos?

Make Jesus a priority today. 

Spend some time in God's Word. Let the Lord speak to you through His Truth. The five or ten minutes it takes to fill ourselves up is critically necessary for us to serve the littles and bigs in our lives well and with love.

Your Daily Grace Challenge

  1. Catch up on the Embracing Grace series
  2. Spend more time with Jesus. Come on you can do it, get an extra 10 or 20 minutes in His Word today, I double dog dare ya!
  3. If you have the time, ponder AW Tozer's thought on grace in the pic above! 

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