Defining Embrace

Pondering grace is something I love to do over coffee with loved ones or at dinner parties with friends who love talking theology. Everyone always has such unique stories about what grace looks like lived out in their story. It's so amazing. Which is prolly why we have so many songs about God's amazing grace, right?

But I'll be honest, grace is not something I usually just sit around and think about on my own in any concentrated amount of time like yesterday's exercise. I found it fun! I hope you did too. But my thinking cap is a little worn today.

(If you're just joining us, go back and look at yesterday's daily challenge if you really want to dive deeper into the concept of grace lived out in your life. Or check out the entire series on "Embracing Grace" here.)

Hopefully yesterday's study helped you see what a truly special gift grace is.

How in the world do we really embrace grace? 

That's the million dollar question isn't it? Sorting through all the lies and voices that threaten to bring us down in life to embrace the beauty and freedom of grace is hard! The sinner in me often forgets about grace a lot throughout my day.

Remember we are keeping the Grace Mobile parked in the lot right now and taking it slow for a day or two. I think we really need to ponder the beauty of these words. Today, let's look at "embrace."

Here's what Merriam-Websters Dictionary says about embrace.

Simple Definition of embrace

1. : to hold someone in your arms as a way of expressing love or friendship
2. : to accept (something or someone) readily or gladly
3. : to use (an opportunity) eagerly

Full Definition of embrace

transitive verb
1a :  to clasp in the arms :  hugb :  cherish, love
2:  encircle, enclose
3a :  to take up especially readily or gladly <embrace a cause>b :  to avail oneself of :  welcome <embraced the opportunity to study further>
4a :  to take in or include as a part, item, or element of a more inclusive whole <charityembraces all acts that contribute to human welfare>b :  to be equal or equivalent to <his assets embraced $10>
intransitive verb
:  to participate in an embrace

I really love the simple definition of embrace above. We can hold someone to express love and also get a visual that we can accept (something or someone) readily or gladly. I struggle with both of those concepts. In the world we live in, surrounded by sinners, it's sometimes hard to actively embrace love and friendship, even with the people we most love, isn't it?

When I'm cranky, I certainly don't embrace anything but crankiness. When I'm tired, I have no issue embracing grumpiness. I get selfish, I embrace me. At the end of a long day, I certainly don't run full speed ahead and embrace everyone like I should. And honestly. when I'm stressed, holding onto and accepting chocolate becomes way too easy for me.

So to look at this on a very deep, personal level in my marriage, friendships, even just with some of the controversial topics that can divide the Church as a Body.... it's incredible to really ponder what it means to embrace the people and the things of this world.

So let's do that today, shall we?

If you actively embraced your life right now, how would that look lived out in your relationships with others? How about your relationship with Jesus? Are there any worldly views you embrace that can't be backed up by God's Word?

Today let's ponder how we can fully EMBRACE the grace that will rock our life. And the people God has placed around us. And how we can use that to navigate the misconceptions that pepper this fallen world. Choose a question from the list below that pulls at your heart strings today. Or join me and work through them all!

The Daily Grace Challenge

  1. Embrace is an action verb. Does knowing this impact your relationship with Jesus?
  2. How can you actively embrace your spouse in a way that truly shows love?
  3. What could you do today to embrace YOU? Get a mani-pedi? Read a good book? Schedule a massage for your birthday, even if its a year away? Take 5 minutes of silence locked in the bathroom from all the sweet littles that surround you? Do something for YOU today and embrace the truth that you are worth the time!
  4. Are there any lies that you embrace about yourself or what the world says to be true? Open up your Bible and use Scripture as your Authority on these topics. 

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