Encouragement for your weekend {#1}

Here's a little encouragement for your weekend.

Encouragement For Your Heart

Did you see this post about "The Boy Who Stood At The Flagpole Alone?"

If you've ever struggled in taking a stand for Jesus, this little boy will melt your heart. His mama must be so proud of him. He encouraged me so much this week. If he can stand at the flagpole alone, I can keep writing what God is laying on my heart to share with you friends. Even if no one reads it. After all, it's all for His glory! This is a must read for anyone struggling with living out faith.

Encouragement For Your Soul

My friend Deb explores some thoughts on "What It Really Means To Worship."

She nails it on the head with this thought: "God created us for a relationship with Him and part of that relationship includes worship. But since Satan decided he’d like to claim worship for himself and convinced Adam and Eve that they too could “be like God” we’ve often missed the mark when it comes to worship."  Preach it sister.

Encouragement For Your Marriage

If you want to safeguard your marriage read "How Not To Have An Affair."

Melanie at Ministry of Hope is a fellow encourager. I love this girl and her heart for women. I met her almost two years ago through another amazing writer friend. When I took my blogging sabbatical, Melanie stayed in touch. She considers herself a little old fashioned on her thoughts related to keeping your marriage sacred. If she's old fashioned, then so am I. So I guess we're in good company?

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