Extending Grace To Ourselves, Even When We Create Our Own Chaos

I'm totally Type A and I'm flying by the seat of my pants tackling this Embracing Grace series. If you have ANY type A within you, you know that Type A-ers NEVER fly by the seat of their pants, unless they are on fire. And even then we'd probably take a moment to think and plot the best move to deal with said fire-y bottoms.

the type A struggle is real.

The Type-A struggle is real friend.  And it's a little crazy.
Lord have mercy on the craziness in my head right now. 

I always have a plan. For everything, even family vacations are mapped out in this household. For real. I'm totally not joking. I create itineraries, even when we go on weekend getaways. I know, you are jealous, admit it. *wink*

So why am I writing about grace? I'm certainly no authority on this topic. In fact, I'm not really an authority on anything. Unless you include binge eating chocolate when stressed out. In that case I'm a total expert. If they gave away medals for this, I may be the world champion. But in the area of embracing grace? Not so much.

I constantly struggle to go deeper in relationship with Jesus. Worldly things always seem to be fighting for my affections. Plus, I'm also working through some pretty heavy stuff with Jesus right now. But I feel it's safe to say that you're working out some stuff with Jesus right now too!

Do you ever feel like you create your own chaos sometimes? You tackle too much and get totally overloaded. Then go into full-on cranky pants mode and have a mental breakdown. You do absolutely nothing, except maybe eat a ton of chocolate, have a panic attack or two and lash out at the people you love most for no apparent reason because you FEEL like you are one person trying to do the work of two, three or four?

This friend, is what I like to call a prime "Queen of Cranky Pants" moment!

GRACE. We need to give it, as well as receive it. WE NEED TO LIVE IT OUT DAILY. With ourselves and the people around us. But what does that really look like in real life?

I want to share three things I have been pondering lately.  Ponder with me today.

The Daily Grace Challenge

  1. What would an ideal day look like, where you're not running around short-tempered, bingeing on chocolate and caffeine to get through your day? 
  2. How can you best love the ones Jesus has placed in your life today? Can you do that with excellence and maintain your current schedule?
  3. How can you extend a little grace to yourself today?  What are you struggling with that needs a spoonful of sugar to help the grace medicine go down?

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