It's A Grace Day!

If you are just joining me, I'm kicking off a 30-day blog series called "Embracing Grace." I'm back to writing after a much-need year- long writing sabbatical. At some point in this journey I'll share some of the reason for the break. But's a grace day!

Today is a grace day, for both you and me! 

There's no other place that I would rather be...

Then sitting on my couch in my PJs with a warm cup of coffee in hand.

So today let's...
Kick back and relax. 
Have another cup of coffee.
Go for a nice long walk.
Work on a favorite craft.
Read a good book.
Open up your Bible.
Watch a favorite movie.
Listen to some amazing music.

Embrace your loved ones today. 

Love on the people Jesus has placed in your life today with excellence. 
Love them with all of your heart. 
Love them like there may never be another tomorrow.

Sounds like a pretty fun day, doesn't it?

Embracing His Grace,
Nicki ツ

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