Encouragement For Your Weekend {#4}

Have five minutes to spare? Here's some encouragement for your weekend.

Encouragement For Your Heart

I love this gentle and much-needed heart check from Jen Wilkin on where we source our spiritual food from. I can't tell you how many times just in this past month alone I've encouraged women to get into the Word, but the reality is those pretty fluffy memes call out to me too. It's nice to know we aren't alone. Thanks for the reminder Jen!

"Beware the Instagram Bible, my daughters – those filtered frames festooned with feathered verses, adorned in all manner of loops and tails, bedecked with blossoms, saturated with sunsets, culled and curated just for you."

Encouragement For Your Soul

Check out this beautiful reminder of your worth in Christ Jesus from Mari-Anna at Flowing Faith.

"You are worthy because you are God’s own child. None of us is perfect on our own. But when we are in Christ, we are perfect because Christ is perfect. You see, it’s not about our qualifications but Christ’s. When we abide in Jesus, we have all that is his: wisdom, holiness, worthiness and so on. So if the enemy tries to convince you that you are not enough, tell him that you are more than enough in Jesus."  

I speak on this topic frequently friends and I am always encouraged when I see another sister coming along to remind you of your worth in Christ Jesus.

Encouragement For Your Marriage

Marriage is hard work, so we need to work hard for a healthy marriage, right? If you are counting your blessings this month of November, you need to check out how to bless your marriage daily with these simple, but fun tips for you and your spouse from Focus On The Family!

"The problem with most marriages isn't that we don't know we should spend time together; the problem is that we're too busy. Fortunately, the solution is simple. Instead of waiting for long, uninterrupted blocks of time to strengthen your marriage, take advantage of key moments that happen every day." 

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