Encouragement For Your Weekend {#5}

Have five minutes to spare? Here's some encouragement for your weekend.

Encouragement For Your Heart

I've spent most of my week tucked away in Stars Hollow hanging with my friends Rory and Lorelai trying to avoid all the craziness of this week. So when this popped up in my Facebook news feed the morning after the election, and it already had more than 300,000 likes, I think it was just what my heart needed to hear. Because no matter who is in power here on this earth (and whether or not you are happy with that choice), the fact will always remain that Jesus is still King. God is always sovereign. A beautiful reminder from Franklin Graham.

"Our nation has so many problems that need fixing. Even more important are the spiritual needs of our country. Whether we are rich or poor, without Jesus Christ we are the most desperately in need, the poorest of the poor. We cannot ignore His hand and His supreme authority."

Encouragement For Your Soul

Check out this beautiful reminder of your worth in Jesus from Mary at Passage Through Grace.

"I know I spend more time listening to who the world says I am instead of embracing the truth that I am known and chosen by God. I get caught up in worldly perceptions that sound like this: Mirrors never lie. The world’s reality is the best reality. Others perceptions are always spot on. Social media speaks the truth at all times. After hearing or reading the words above, I find these spoken and written words leave an imprint on my heart. Whether I believe these words depends on my view of who I believe I am in God’s eyes."

Encouragement For Your Marriage

Did you catch the latest broadcast from Family Life Today? Robert and Nancy Wolgemuth (formerly Nancy Leigh DeMoss of Revive Our Hearts Ministry) are interviewed about the importance of communication in marriage. They are mature Christians in their first year of marriage, but their wisdom applies to long-time marrieds too!

"There were huge adjustments for me and just blending two lives together; but we knew, when we were struggling with ourselves or with each other, how to get to the grace of God, and realizing that we are two sinful people who can't do this marriage without God's grace."

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