Encouragement For Your Weekend {#6}

Have five minutes to spare? Here's some encouragement for your weekend.

Encouragement For Your Heart

Do you struggle with perfectionism? I think we all do. How about in your parenting? Check out this beautiful reminder from Sarah Koontz on "Fixing our Perception of the Perfect Mom."

"There are many things we can accomplish in our own strength; motherhood is not one of them. The goal is not perfection, but rather a constant desire to be better tomorrow than we were today. The only way I know how to fix things when I screw up is to ask God to shine His light into my heart."

Encouragement For Your Soul

A beautiful list of "10 Guarantees in the Christian's Life" by Lori at Frog's Lily Pad.

"There are many heartbroken people in the world today. Whether the broken heart is from the results of sin, personal choices or just life in general, there are things in life that are guaranteed for us Christians. We have a hope and peace the lost don’t have. There’s a Light at the end of the tunnel we can depend on. We don’t have to weather the storms alone. There is always a Strong Tower we can run to."

Encouragement For Your Marriage

I went to a bunch of fun, quirky vintage shops in the area last weekend. One of them had this cool restored wood photo that they turned into a little frame where you could hang words of encouragement on it with a clothespin. I should have bought it, it was really neat. Anyway, they had a quote printed from Unveiled Wife, which I had never heard of before. So I looked her blog up. It's pretty. And has some great Biblical encouragement on marriage! Loved this recent post "A Healthy Marriage That Points to Christ Scares The Enemy."

"Honestly, I’ve been the biggest hypocrite of a wife. I have judged my husband and criticized him. I have been prideful, thinking “my way” of doing things was better than his way. I have missed opportunities to build him up by withholding love and encouragement when I had the power to give it. I have given my attention to things that were far less important than my husband. I have done all these things - mostly behind closed doors – while encouraging women to be godly wives."

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