Encouragement For Your Weekend {#7}

Have five minutes to spare? Here's some encouragement for your weekend.

Encouragement For Your Heart

Do you struggle with impatience? I sure do. I think God often throws curve balls in my day and life plans just to teach me to lean on Him more. Well, Christmas is definitely the time of year where we can get a little impatient, don't you think? Love the humor and wisdom about waiting I found on Bethany McIlrath's post "Waiting Isn't Passive."

In fact, I’m pretty sure if God wanted to test us before we entered heaven to see how much we learned on earth, my exam would be “Sit right here. He’ll call you when He’s ready.” I’d be pacing the clouds, trying to get through to the Lord via the prayer line: “Hello God. You brought me here. This is the appointment you set. How is it you are not on time?!”

Encouragement For Your Soul

Are you trying to keep Jesus as the reason for the season? Meditate on "7 of the Best Ways to Know the Joy of Jesus" over at my friend Deb's blog Counting My Blessings. Be encouraged!

"Lay your faults and flaws at the foot of the cross. Nothing is too great or small. Know that through Jesus you are forgiven and free of guilt and shame. That’s a reason for everyday joy."

Encouragement For Your Marriage

My husband and I are marriage mentors at our church. In fact, my husband has such a heart for this ministry that he has been working with a group of great men to lead it. I am so encouraged by how God can take the messy pieces of anybody's life and truly use it for His glory, my marriage included!

My friend Beth is a professional counselor with a heart for helping people who are struggling in their marriages. She has written this great series on the different types of love styles over at her blog "Messy Marriage." Her post this week focuses on the "Victim Love Style." If you have time, check it out. I think we have all fallen to the "victim" mentality from time to time, haven't we? But this love style is different and stems from a childhood filled with abuse. She has other posts that talk about different love styles, check them out too if you have time!

"Victims often bend over backward to ensure that their spouses are protected and pleased. That’s why Victim love styles are attracted to Controller love styles, because the Controller continues to victimize the Victim. They’re both comfortable in that unhealthy dynamic because it is familiar."

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