God Always Picks Up The Pieces

I am so ready for a New Year, how about you? 2017 was filled with insanity and lots of ups and downs for my family. We spent three weeks at an aids orphanage in Zambia and it was absolutely amazing to see how God was at work in this little village in the middle of Africa. My heart left Africa so restored and refreshed to serve God at home as a new mom of three. 

God always picks up the pieces

Our forever family arrived!

Yes, you heard that right, I became a mom last year! When we got back to the states, we were super excited that our forever family was becoming a reality through adoption. After a decade of trying to have kids naturally and dealing with infertility and loss, plus two long years of waiting to get matched with some kiddos and another year of renovating our home to make room for a sibling group of three (ages 2, 4 and 6), our family was finally a reality!

Our kiddos moved in right after we got back from Africa! We were an instant family of five. How crazy, right? It truly was an awesome experience, filled with so many ups and downs. But the adoption was a go, our paperwork was all set and we were overwhelmed, but so grateful for God's provision. And then several months later, our precious kiddos left our care to go back to their bio family.

We were (and still are) devastated. So much grief has consumed me over the past months. The realization that a dream God planted in our hearts has died is a hard pill to swallow. But after a few months of intense grieving, and a fresh calendar year dawning, I’m ready for a fresh new start! How about you?

Don’t you love fresh starts?

They come at random times of life, and sometimes with the dawn of a New Year. But when new chapters begin in our lives, there is often an anticipation and excitement that can’t be ignored. It can be scary, but it’s also a fun place to be!

I honestly love writing and the community that I’ve built over the past years in this small little space encourages me in ways you will never know. So I decided it’s time to stop thinking about blogging again and just do it. I don't have a plan, I'm not following all the "rules" and I'm not going to get caught up in the numbers. But my desire in this space remains the same: to continue to remind you (and me) that God showers us in His love and His grace daily in the middle of our busy beautiful lives.

Life is tough. And we often forget just how much Jesus loves us when we are drowning in the craziness of our busy days.

But there is always hope. The reality is, we can never fail Him as long as we live to bring glory to God’s kingdom and serve Him in our roles as wives, sisters, mothers and friends. It’s a tough task some days, but so worth it when we truly live for Jesus!

Though the world may beat us up sometimes, God is always there to pick up the pieces. {Tweet it!}

How has the start of the New Year been for you? Has God taught you any lessons recently? I'd love for you to share! I truly want this place to be a spot where we share our hearts and talk about how God is using us to bring Him glory.

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